Girl with bucket in sandpit

2-3 Years Toddlers

Toddlers are still discovering new things and are full of curiosity. They are busy, enthusiastic and love to explore and experiment.  They are beginning to develop more competencies with skills and are keen to further develop their independence.

Learning to use the toilet is a big step for toddlers and it can be difficult for some.  Our room is equipped with nappy change facilities and toilets and our educators will work with you to maintain the same routines you use at home.

The children are encouraged to develop their growing independence with guidance from educators who model appropriate behaviours and give lots of praise.

Our program will continue to include stimulating activities, small group interactions, quiet time and free-play, in addition to lots of self help activities such as toileting, dressing and care of belongings.

There will be many songs and activities which develop your child’s interest in basic concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and their body.