Our Outdoor Areas Transformed

Our four outdoor play areas have been recreated and the children love their new spaces.

The upper outdoor areas have been divided into Active and Passive play areas. The Active area has a mound complete with slide, climbing wall and elevated balance beam. The Passive area has an elevated smooth concrete sided sandpit with a sandstone step and sandstone building platforms. Attached to the sandpit is a small dry creek bed with native plantings and a rattle bridge.

An additional small group area has been built within a semicircle of varied height timber screening on the deck. A number of trees were planted in planters throughout the upper levels to provide natural shade.

In the ground level outdoor play areas, Nature Reed was used to screen from the street and provide a greater intimacy for the children and educators.

The area has a scaled down mound, climbing wall and double slides, timber arbors, seats and a bridge that spans a dry creek bed which in turn circles a new sandstone edged sandpit. A sandstone water channel runs along the other side of the sandpit feeding into the sandpit. A pathway with native grasses connects to the other end of the play space where there are interconnected dual cube cubby-houses that have perspex panels to let in light and turfed roofs. A vertical perspex art panel allows for two children to engage in collaborative painting.

The babies area has a low profile sandstone edged sandpit with a building platform, a small scale mound with slide, a toddler scale perspex table and a multi-texture pathway. The plantings in the raised and level garden beds are both durable and sensory.