Day care. Do I? Don’t I? And where?

The biggest decision I had to make about returning to work was “Day Care” do I, or don’t I and where?

With no choice but to return back to my profession as many mothers do, finding the right centre for my child was a priority and knowing she would be at the centre 5 days a week, finding the right centre was a big decision.

Now, nearly 2 years on I could not be happier with the decision I made!  There are so many positives about the environment created by the staff at The Tree House… fun, creative and developmental; and it is a delight to see the children really enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. It has also been wonderful to see her make new friends and their little faces light up when she walks into the room of a morning. You know your little one is having a great time, when you come to collect her of an evening and she doesn’t want to go home!

There is emphasis placed on the children learning to share with others and becoming confident in group situations. They play outside, learn new skills and even do cooking, things I just wouldn’t be able to do with her while working full-time.

What has impressed me most of all is the level of genuine care the staff show to all children and their families. At 18 months she was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis, a crippling disease which affects the joints.  During the painful stages of her disease the staff at the centre provided her with additional care, which would sometimes require one-on-one assistance.  They helped with daily exercises to assist in her rehabilitation through physio, because of the caring staff at The Tree House, she was able to feel part of the group and still play with her friends and join in with the daily activities. The staff never questioned the additional requirements during this period; instead they helped me get my little one through the worst of her pain.  Although she has not grown out of it as yet, the staff are aware of her condition and keep me informed of anything they notice that is out of the ordinary in her movement.

I am so grateful and believe The Tree House offers a wonderful balance of high quality care in a clean, safe and fun environment.  It is a relief to be able to go to work and know my little one is being looked after by staff that treat the children like they are their own…Thank you!

– Lisa